Christmas Eve Dinner at Mad About Sucre 24th December 16

This is my second year having Christmas Eve dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Singapore – Mad About Sucre.  Helmed by people who have absolute passion for their crafts so what you get is simply the best – fresh ingredients, delectable dishes,  decadent cakes, excellent wines and the best hospitality.

Smoked Wild Caught Scottish Salmon Trout, Caviar, Gin, Gold 

Love the presentation of this opening dish which looked like intricate Japanese influenced sushi.  The smoked salmon freshly done is not as salty as most of the commercial ones. Absolutely love the Gin and Gold jelly which totally upped the taste of the smoked salmon a whole level.


Fresh Wild Prawn, Mango, Avocado, Marie Rose & Age Brandy Sauce

Another well plated starter dish with the grilled prawn sitting on top of the mango and avocado paste which is delicious on its own. The prawn was so fresh that you could even eat the shell.


Wine Pairing : Domaine Bott-Geyl, Alsace Riesling “Les Elements” 2014

This lovely Riesling was light and fruity with citrus flavors and a hint of honey aftertaste. Definite a pleasant way to start with the wine. Cheers!


Provincial Pumpkin Emulsion

This begins the hot food courses and it was a lovely start with bits of almond making the difference between this and any normal pumpkin soup.


Jamon Borracho Slow-Baked Gammon Ham, Flambeed with Caribbean Rum Sauce of Organic Honey & Cambodian Pineapple

Two generous slices of flavorsome ham which is totally not salty – totally lived up to Mad’s reputation of using only natural seasoning. I absolutely loved the Caribbean Rum Sauce which made the whole dish so tasty. Totally mopped up the last drop with my ham.


Wine Pairing: Domaine Faucon Dore, Cotes du Rhone “Saint Germain” 2012

Another lovely wine but packs a punch cos I got slightly tipsy after that. Definitely not to be drunk in a hurry.

Winter’s Steak of Champignon de Paris 

Matching mushroom with Mad’s homemade cheese has always been a favorite and definitely always to be savored. The cheese is light and flavorsome without any heaviness proving a perfect compliment to the earthy taste of the mushroom.


 Home-baked Christmas Tourtiere Poultry, Bacon, Mashed Potatoes 

This dish is somewhat like a shepherd’s pie with generous bits of bacon and chicken. The small portion size is great as this quite a filling dish due to the ingredients.


Herb & Mustard Butter-basted Roast Turkey Chestnut Stuffing and Sauce of Port & Cranberry

The last dish for the night and what is Christmas without turkey? What surprised me was that the turkey did not taste gamely and was tender. Quite different from usual turkey dishes which tend to be dry and tough to chew. I loved the sauce and the chestnut stuffing patty. I was quite stuffed by the time this course was served but managed to finished it cos it was so delicious.


Wine Pairing: Chateau les Hauts d’ Aglan, Cahor “Cuvee A” 2008

This wine taste like dark chocolate, rich and full bodied. It was a shame that I could not fully appreciate it as I was still a tad hungover from the last wine. Luckily my friend brought the wine back so it was not wasted as we really thought it would be such a waste if we threw it away.

Petite Four With Tea Pairing 

Something sweet to close the evening with a selection of 3 desserts and 1 chocolate. I can’t remember too much about the first dessert unfortunately even though it’s very tasty. The sorbet were made from natural berry  juices and the sourness really woke me up and helped to offset the main courses. The rum infused fruit cake is another holiday tradition and while sweet, it was not overly so making me polish off every bite.


Dark Mexican Chocolate with Grand Marnier Ganache

And to balance off the sweetness of the rum fruit cake, we have dark chocolate to end the dinner. I would have loved to pair this with the Chateau les Hauts d’ Aglan red but I wasn’t sure I can handle more alcohol as this chocolate was also liquor filled.



Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Hong Road, Singapore 088334

Nearest MRT: Outram Park Exit H












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