Mad About Sucre Spring Menu 2nd April 17

Finally back again at Mad About Sucre for their Spring menu – I so missed the food there!

Spring Tangy Tomato Soup, Hand-picked Fresh of Arctic Snow Crabs

I love this soup – it’s slight tangy sour taste really serves to bring up your appetite. The pita bread croutons were super crunchy and the highlight is the Arctic Crab meat which was so fresh and sweet.


Fisherman’s Seafood Basket in Beer Batter with Aged-brandy Tartare Sauce & spicy Homemade Wasabi Mayo 

This serving was HUGE! If not for the fact I was hungry and Joyce was sharing with me, I don’t think I might be able to finish it. Lots of calamari rings with prawns, fish, potato wedges and onions in beer batter. Personally, I like the Tartare Sauce better than the Wasabi Mayo.


Wild-caught Blueback Salmon, Sauce of Confit Garlic and Organic Herbs 

Change of sauce from last season and the salmon was wonderfully fresh and just lightly pan fried and just cooked through so the natural sweetness comes through. There is a hint of spiciness in the Jalapeno peppers used in the sauce. Wild caught salmon really do taste different from farm reared ones.


Castile – Yougurt Mousse, Spring Lychee, Strawberry Rhubard, Blueberry, Honey Sponge, White Chocolate Feather 

This cake is soooooo pretty! I love the delicate white feather on top. First taste would be that of the Yogurt Mousse and then you’ll hit the berries and the lychee jelly in the center. Sucre always know how to blend the different flavors so well that everything always taste so good together.



Anemone – Tropical Mousse, Confit of Pineapple, Ginger Gel, Milk Chocolate Disc, Hazelnut Chantilly, Vanilla Choux Spon 

Haha too excited and started eating before taking photograph. This cake is another splendid showcase of Sucre’s skill. You never know what interesting ingredients they will use. The pineapple and ginger is refreshing blend. I like the chocolate disc and hazelnut chantilly. I am so going to eat this by myself the next time.


Viburnum- On season Pistachios, Sour Cherry, Pistachios Tuile 

This is definitely a pistachio special and Sucre has mastered using Pistachios which is not a typical nut used for baking as it is challenging to stabilize. This cake is heavier on taste and I think it’s best eaten on it’s own as a tea item or shared.


Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Hong Road, Singapore 088334

Nearest MRT: Outram Park Exit H

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