Air Fryer Roast Pork / Siew Yoke / Sio Bak / 烧肉

This is one of my favorite foods and I remember mum tried making it a few times but could not get the skin right occasionally. The meat would be yummy but the skin turned out tough and rubbery. Most recipes involved having to poke the skin properly and needs to dry the meat in advance for at least a day or so which seems so troublesome to do. While I was ecstatic that roast pork can be made via Air Fryer – the thought of having to go through so much work made me hesitant. I came across this recipe on one of the Air Fryer cooking group I joined and could not believe that it could be so simple! So I took a chance and tried it out and wow was I amazed!




  • 500gm – 1kg pork belly
  • 5 – 8 cloves of peeled garlic
  • 1 tsp five spices powder
  • 1 cup salt


  1. Wash and use paper towels to dry the pork belly thoroughly
  2. Make horizontal slits on the sides of the pork belly and insert each piece of garlic. Push deep inside so that the garlic dun pop out and burn. Be careful not to cut through the meat through when inserting garlic.
  3. Rub all sides of the pork belly generously with five spices powder. Wipe off from skin if any of the powder gets on.
  4. Layer skin with salt generously and evenly.
  5. Wrap the meat sizes with foil.
  6. Add *water in the bottom pan until the fan pattern and preheat AF at 190 for 5 mins and place the pork belly on grill pan or basket.
  7. AF at 190 for 35 – 40 mins until a salt crust forms on the skin
  8. Remove pork belly from AF and remove the salt crust and foil
  9. Raise temp to 200 and place pork belly back and AF for another 25-30 mins
  10. Remove from AF and rest pork belly for at least 10 minutes before cutting

*Adding water will make the oil easier to clean off but make sure the water level is no high enough to hit the basket or grill pan.

Recipe shared by Alice Chin in Fun Cooking with Philips Airfryer FB Group

Any leftover roast pork makes a perfect compliment to fried cauliflower rice too.


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