Thermomix – the world’s smallest kitchen


This must be one of the most costly kitchen appliance ever – priced at SGD $2,320. The big price tag that will have most people reeling and resisting. However,  given that it can replace 12 appliances and can do wonders – allowing newbie cooks, husbands and even children to easily whip up tasty and healthy dishes. It’s no wonder that this machine is flying off the shelves despite it’s price.

I was already aware of this product last year when a friend invited me over to her place for a demo session and boy was I impressed – this machine grinds, blends, cooks, stir-fries and kneads. If it can airfry and bake… it will be perfect!  But it’s already close to perfection.

Since I was going to move house in late June and was going to have a full kitchen with ample counter space, I made the decision to get a set and frankly I haven’t regretted.



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